How to write

Many thanks to Shoba Narayan for this clear, concise and call to action piece for aspiring writers. sharing in gratitude and admiration.

Shoba Narayan

I get so much mail asking for tips on how to write that I decided to make a post of it.  Usually, each email sits in my inbox for days.  I can’t bear to delete them because I’ve been where the writer of the email was.  I can’t bear to reply to them because they are too vague, too general.  Hereafter, I plan to send a one-line email reply pointing to this post.

If you want to be a travel writer, realize that it is getting very hard because editors have their network of trusted writers and usually give assignments to them. You can pitch travel articles to newspapers that accept freelance work by doing the following.

1. Research the paper by reading past articles and figure out what kind of articles they like. For example, some publications have a historical bent; others like first person; some DONT like first…

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