The journey through teenage to mid life- taking stock before a college re union!

These days I am really excited and involved in organising an overnite out of town meeting of old college and hostel mates. We were all in our late teens when we joined Miranda House in Delhi University, for various courses and took our place in the hostel, as we all came from different parts of the world and had no home in Delhi. 

We were a young, bright, enthusiatic bunch, with a million hopes and dreams and nary a clue about the reality of growing up and making our way in life as adults. We learnt together, from each other, from our seniors and from our experiences, perhaps even a little bit from our books and teacher? Maybe….anyone knows….?

We learnt to get along, learnt to let go, learnt to take on new challenges, and learnt to move on. We learnt also the value of friendship, of being there for each other, of the pain of betrayal, of the loss of innocence, about becoming our own person, of standing up for ourself and for ideas, for others, and also experienced being let down. We developed some sense of ourselves and the world, and our place in the scheme of things. We developed clarity, confidence and the skill set to go out and reach for our dream courses, jobs, marriages, motherhood….the whole circle of life.

Its been over twenty years, nearly 25 in fact for some of us, since those days when we first met in the hostel corridoors, and bad mouthed a hostel warden some of us had not even set eyes on, over 2 decades since we were acutely self conscious and touchy about who looked like what, who said what, who came from where and was taking which course….I wonder what are we like now? I wonder what is it that still pulls us to each other, still makes us feel like its yesterday once more when we meet? We have all gone such diverse ways, lead such different lives, and been far apart in fact and in thoughts for a long long time. Yet, if anything, the bond seems stronger, the love seems purer. Do you feel the same way? Please share your thoughts, co-Mirandians in the loop for the re-union, and also those who are not yet in. Come join in and make this the best time of our college bonding. 


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